The process of coaching

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Coaching is a private space between a coachee and a coach to put some distance and be aware about his / her relationships with the others and the environment. Thus the coachee identifies the problems of his / her professional and job management to understand and improve his interpersonal communication style and behavior.

Coaching is a conversation technique based on questions and thoughts that results in a totally different view of the daily problems, allowing the coachee’s best answer to come up.

Coaching is the art to work with others to get extraordinary results and to improve actions. It helps the learning of new ways of being and doing needed to give birth to a paradigmatic or cultural change. It is an activity that creates new possibilities to act that will carry out extraordinary results.

Coaching implies a commitment on both parts. The coach works helping the coachee to discover his own values, believes and ideas to interpret his situation. The coach guides the coachee in a constant practice to develop alternative and more effective ways to answer and act. When modifying some behaviors, it is possible to get better results and to improve the quality of life. As a system, it is applied to the workplace, personal relationships and the family.

José L. Menéndez – Christian Worth. “Abre el Melón”

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