How does Ontological Coaching differentiate from other discipline?

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Therapy: Coaching, in contrast to Therapy does not focus on emotional problems, past situations or traumatic experiences. In general, people attend therapy to do deeper in some topics and to coaching to go forward in their objectives. Coaching, in general terms, starts from the desired future to modify the present, while therapy often starts from the past. The therapist focuses on what is wrong and the coach on what is lack. Coaching calls to action instead of going to feeling or emotions. It insists on what is desired and possible, instead of focusing on what has happened.

Training: Trainings are necessary and very effective, but their focus is on achieving group objectives in a company or group of people, while coaching focuses directly on the individual. It has a great impact that expands on other areas apart from the personal surroundings. With the direct support of the coach, the coachee can achieve his objectives in a quicker and more efficient way than if relying only in training.

Counselling: It is personal advice. It is an educational approach

Consulting: consultants sell their services to advice people on certain fields of their expertise.  They guide in theory and recommend the steps to follow. The focus of coaching in consulting is based on identifying and optimizing skills.

Mentoring:  It follows a higher objective: integration of the members of the organization in all its aspects especially in the performance of their roles. The mentor has an active role, a tutor, and teaches new technical skills and behaviors. He provides new information, guides in the person’s career planning formulation within the company, recommends and uses his influence when appropriate, to promote the person’s progress, gives examples, offers advice and consulting on decision taking, is a confident establishing a relationship based on trust. As an information source of the mission and goals of the company, the mentor provides a vision and a perspective of the philosophy of human resources development within the company and offers permanent feedback.

Sport training: coaching has many ideas from the sport training, like team work, the search of the goal, getting the best way and use the trainer to keep perspectives. However, professional coaching is not a competition and is not based on winning or losing. Coaches focus on reinforcing the coachees’ skills but do not help them to beat other teams. Coaches always look for solutions to win.

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